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Don't let that old iPod sit and collect dust, it could be bringing joy to somebody right now!

We are a group of Volunteers that will clean, reformat and donate your device to a local Seniors home where it will live on, creating smiles as it plays on!



Please fill out our Donation form using the donate button in the header. This helps us stay organized. We will reach out to you shortly to arrange pickup or provide a shipping address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have all my accessories?
No! As long as the iPod is in working condition, we will happily accept it without cables or headphones.
Do you accept accessories on their own?
Sometimes! We are always in need of additional iPod cables, docking stations for iPod Shuffles and headphones in good shape. We'll even accept speaker docks if you've got them! Please Contact Us and we can discuss what you have.
Can I ship my iPod to you?
Absolutly! Being totally volunteer run, this would really help us out, particularly if you're not in a city where we have somebody that can do a pickup. Please Contact Us to get our Shipping address.
Can I collect iPods for you?
That would be awesome! One thing we ask though is that you keep track of who donated what so we can give a shoutout on Social Media!
Who are you, and why are you doing this?
Find more about who we are! We're doing this because we understand the power of music and know how many people have old devices just collecting dust. Music has been shown to help Alzheimer patients and it also helps improve concentration and memory for seniors. There's really no reason NOT to be doing this!

Want to Volunteer?

Please let us know. As we grow, we'll need more people around BC and Canada! Contact us and let us know.

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